200 posts down the road

I am still here, blabbing away.

Most of you are there, reading and chatting with me. Some new faces, not many, lets face it.

A bit over 800 comments, which seems a lot, but not if you visit a popular blog with 100 comments on each farting post and they fart more than once a day. No, no jealousy, just some envy mixed with owe and a good measure of comfort in my own quiet comfy place with 200 posts.

Thank you. Thanks for being part of it all and sticking around. I would like to say it wouldnt matter if anyone was reading, but that would be a full fat farting lie with an eye twitch on top. It matters. I am no lonely freak, I like the company and its appreciated.

Hip, hip, hooray!

P.S. And no kidding, my trip blogs were bloody awesome! I kid you not. Every time I just take a peak at one of them I end up wasting hours just reading through all of them. Can you send Mr.Blab some stalk mail so he sells his body for another trip? Yeah, that will be good.