Then, with a bit of delay, there was a party

Then, with a bit of delay, there was a party

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Due to my procrastinating, a condition that I cannot seem to overcome, this party was preceded by a bunch of hours of knife edge hurrying, cake baking, decorating, pans clanking, frantic cleaning, late night shop visiting activities that make the pre party period quite unpleasant. Actually not all of it really, just the last 24 hours, when I expect myself to manage to do it all. All the stuff and ideas that I have held in my mind are supposed to just come alive under pressure.

As Mr.Blab likes to excuse this horrid habit of mine “But you always do it. You just work best under pressure.” said with a lovely quiet confidence that is like a cooling breeze to my heated overflowing energy. Its yet another reason we just fit perfectly together. We just do.

So, yes, there was a party and the food was ready and the dots and the cake and the house, not without the help of the rest of the family mind you.

And the friends came and some fun was had.


The host was a professional.
He didnt make a beep of dislike of all these people that filled our house. Not one.
He just cruzed around, played, ate meatballs and just… well…see for yourselves

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..just charmed the house down.

Ok, I admit, maybe I love him.

But dont tell everyone now, just keep it to yourselves ;)

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Phew, now I can rest.