Who needs school..

Who needs school..

..when one has a bigger sibling?

Ms.Fab has made this little unscrambling game for Little B – she writes the letters of a short word, usually three letters and then the four year old has to write it correctly. And she does it. And she writes these beautiful letters that actually look like letters. And they are loving it. Loving it! Its like a game of some sort, like an enjoyable thing.

Here we have ATM:

snapsblabs09 (2 of 4)

And she does the MAT her sister is after.

snapsblabs09 (3 of 4)

The last time I checked, she could barely write her name and not always in a way you could read – one letter will be here, the other upside down in the corner of the page and another maybe in a book somewhere you could never find out, for example.

This might be easier than I thought. I teach the big one, she teaches the little one and together they make a genius out of the boy. Yeah, that sounds about right.