Spinach & Cottage Cheese Ravioli

Spinach & Cottage Cheese Ravioli

fresh ravioli - spinach & cheese

At the end of the week I felt like something different, fresh, but suitable for the cooler nights we have been enjoying lately. I have been meaning to venture into some ravioli for awhile and thought it might be the perfect time for them.

I pull out the box containing my fresh pasta roller, somewhat dusty, and get to work.

Fresh Pasta Dough
One egg for every 100g of type 00 flour (its finer and specific for noodles and pasta)
Drop some olive oil and pinch of salt
Make into a reasonably smooth dough, but try not to overdo it.
Leave it to rest in the fridge for awhile

After that you make some room on your counter and start rolling the smooth goodness until you are happy.

Or you just buy some ready made sheets and save yourself the mess and time, but the results are not quite as satisfying.

The Filling
About equal amounts of cottage cheese and spinach (200g)
one egg
salt and pepper
pinch of nutmeg
grated Parmesan cheese

Now plop some of the filling on the lovely smooth, freshly rolled out pasta sheets, wet the edges and cover it with another sheet. I roughly cut them up in some type of a rectangle – no care about the shape at all. Kind of like them all weird and different looking.

They need about 3-4 minutes in the boiling water. If you are using ready sheets, follow the instructions they give you.

The Sauce
1/2 red onion
2 garlics
2 cans of good chopped tomatoes
small spoon of Modena balsamic vinegar
fresh basil

I saute the onion, add the garlic for a bit, then the tomatoes. Simmer until the pasta is ready and drizzle the vinegar and basil at the end. Simple, but delicious.

The result is wonderful silky ravioli with the very earthy taste of the cheese and spinach, coupled with the chunky, but soft and sweet tomato sauce with aromatic basil and pungent freshly grated Parmesan…

Yummo! I ate entirely too much.