More rally footage

My little activist partner has decided to come down with a cold of some sort, so we have been busy cuddling most of today. I managed to get to the city though and meet with a dear friend of mine for lunch and coffee. That brightened up my post rally high crash and fall.

So, here are a few videos, which give a different view of the event, dimension that no picture can show.

The speech from Senator Rachel Siewert, who has been a great support for the cause and seems to get the issue, not just regurgitate the information to rile the masses. You should read the transcript form the Senate inquiry on the proposed laws. Too bad it didnt actually get us anywhere and it still recommended for them to be passed.

Singing at the end. Not my type of tune, but song does mesh people together, somehow.

Post rally chanting:

I havent been able to find much, but around Australia in the Capital cities were run some ‘sister’ rallies by women who could not make it to Canberra. Here is the Adelaide gathering, its in a few parts so if you want the rest, go to You Tube and enjoy:

We made the front page of the Canberra newspaper! I asked my friend to buy it for me yesterday, as I was bound in house with a crook little one. And, late last night (cause its already morning and I didnt finish the post yesterday, as someone was needing my attention) I watched the House of Representatives and they were talking about us, the women in the rally. “They came and stood in the rain..”, “Tiny minority, you thought, they wont make much of a problem for us? They proved that no matter how small, people have power” Or something of the sort. I will have to see if I can find the transcript.

I better post this before it takes 3 days to finish it.