Hey, they have trees in Canberra

Hey, they have trees in Canberra

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Good morning, Canberra.

Since we are running a few hours behind, we actually got up close to 11am, like the leisurely people we are. Then got ready for some time wasting and just exploring.
Well, I got ready. The little one performed some kind of magic and got dressed while he was playing with my mouse. I want that magic.

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Then we were off to check out the life in the nation’s capital. Since this is not my end of town, I needed some mappege (map usage) to figure out where is the Woden Plaza, a good enough mall area to explore.

When we got there we caught the tail end of a market. So we had to have a quick look and poke our noses at a few things.

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This place is in spring fever. There are trees blossoming all over the place. If one closes their eyes and then opens them, just…just enough to see the blooms, one could imagine one is in Japan amongst all those cherry blossoms. Maybe I should send Mr.Blab here with a face mask next time he complains that he doesn’t go anywhere. It sure is cheaper than going all the way to Japan.

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Inside, the place is just your usual mall.

This got my attention though. Healthy life and there are only plastic containers to be seen.

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That doesnt look very healthy to me. More like a pharmacy.

But I love those little Italian gourmet outlets. They always get me hungry

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So we got some stuff.

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Yes, on the left we have sashimi, aka raw fish chunks. Mmmm.. you must say that. No kidding. If you dont say Mmmm every time you see sashimi, a sumo dude pops out of the ground jumps around in his cloth jammed bum dance and then tackles you to the ground and sits on your forehead until you say it. So really, no point in playing with your luck, just say it and you will be safe. I mixed the little container of wasabi with some soy sauce and then dunked the babies in it and ate them. Mmmmm

The specimen on the right is a selection of three salads. Caramel popcorn enjoyed a few cucumbers, chick peas and some pumpkin. The rest went into my belleeeey.

We browsed around. I got a top and the little one scored a comfy suit. I also grabbed some paint for my sign making plans.

Then we went back to base.

While the man stretched his legs and played with his new suit and snacked on some cracker..

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I unloaded the supplies.

Here, if you are curious, like me, and want to know what was in the bag.

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Yes, wine. Yes, coffee, cause otherwise my head explodes and I need it for tomorrow. The greens on the right is rocket. The herbs – parsley.

Later on this turned magically into a salad with accompaniment.

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But before that we went on a walk.

See! Blooming goodness.

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Yeah, well, that was it. Not a whole lot of excitement, but we did wake up halfway through the day.

And now that it is almost midnight, I am starting to think that my rally sign was just not meant to be. Popcorn didnt fall asleep until just recently and I had to strap him on my back.

Which is pretty much where he spent the rest of the day.

Signed off,

Me and Him

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