Its cold in Canberra.

After the very hot flight the chill felt so nice, but by now the trill has worn off and I want warmth. And lots of it.

The flight was ok. The whole day was a bit of a running around crazed one, so the Caramel Popcorn was a bit overtired when we set off, but he fell asleep nice and easy for a bit. Until the carts woke him up. Sleep was not coming to him and I gave up at one point. He did well though, just sitting on me for a few hours.

He learned by heart the safety procedures and all the escape routes.

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And then Canberra. Good ole Canberra. It looks better on the pictures than it actually does. Its a small airport that is quite unexciting. More like a big bus interchange. It has been remodeled now for at least 4 years straight and there were still construction sites around. I dont know what they are waiting on. Hey, there was a new bridge!

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At least they have stopped harassing people for picking up other people from the front of the terminals. When they made the changes years ago, you were not allowed to stop and do that, so you had to go park, pay your dues of course, and walk to the terminal. I refused though and was chased a few times by airport employees when I used to pick Mr.Blab from the airport. I would circle until I saw him and then we would do sort of a slow down, run up pick up, of a sort. Maybe that is why Mr.Blab has wonky scarred knees..

Anyway, they must have released the stronghold, as now people could do the pick up dance without being harassed.

And from this morning:

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The fruit of my labor last night. A hat for my political activist boy.

Now I need to sort out some kind of a sign that I dont have to carry, hold…is there such a thing.

Off to fun under the covers and snuggle with my boy. Its freezing over here.