Developing green thumbs

Developing green thumbs

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I was a big city kid through and through. Give me streets, give me cars and crazy traffic, I was at home. We could find a play area in any nook or cranny and hidden parks, backyard stairs and after dark school grounds were our places.

Things have changed. The crazed city doesnt quite cut the mustard. The paved roads and manicured lawns leave me wanting for more. For something with substance and meaning.

The problem is that my green thumb is undeveloped. No one cared for it before, heck, no one knew it might be there. So the poor thing has hidden and wilted away, but I will revive it. I will CPR it. I will bring it back to life, shock it if I have to, cause I bloody need it. I bloody want to know why my bloody basil is not growing well.



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Yeah, the tomato is looking good, but those basils havent budged an inch in the last few weeks. They dont grow, dont die, dont change, just sit there, challenging my poor wilted thumb. So I dug out some plastic cups and made them little houses. It has been raining for awhile and I wondered if all that pounding and moisture might be making them unhappy.

But we dont despair. We forge forward. We cleared more land and I ordered some more organic seeds and we put the strawberry punnets to work – recycling you see.



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And then while I was digging, I found these bags that our king size sheets came in. They worked perfectly like a little hot house for the seeds to grow up in.

Now they better do that. Grow I mean. Cause if they dont, I will not be happy and Ms. Fab’s monitoring project will not work.

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It is so satisfying. Even just watching them grow. Its best when I call to the girls to bring me some herbs when I am cooking and they run like mad to pick the greens. I get in a dreamlike bliss just thinking of the summer days when we can pick some green and purple tomatoes, yellow cucumber, chocolate brown capsicum, chill them in some ice water and make a fresh yummy salad to enjoy under the tree. Its so simple and yet so good for the soul.

So we are learning together. Getting dirty and messing about. Clearing weeds and mixing up smelly seaweed/fish fertilizers. Now lets see if the crop will respond.



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If not, we can always try again. Its way too fun not to.