Stuff and books and mobile childers

Stuff and books and mobile childers

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I am on a reading frenzy lately. Its good though, because I have mixed it up and now its a mixture of online and actual physical book flipping kind of reading. There is  no end in sight though and we splurged on a few more books today, so the need for more bookcases is almost urgent. It really doesnt help that Mr.Blab is an enabler in this department. He hears books and just follows it with “Buy it!”. Well, what is a woman to do?

So, I am sitting on the floor of the living room, not because of lack of furniture designed for sitting, but we do sit there often and have even put a whole soft pad for that purpose there, and I am reading my book. Caramel Popcorn is enjoying his new found freedom and checking the room out. There are lots of new things to touch, and eat and bash…and scratch, and tear.


Its a new period for sure. One minute he is here and the next..there! He is quite happy to do his thing. Yesterday he dug though some of the stuff in the office for quite a while, while we cought up on some things on the puters.

But lets not get too ahead of ourselves. His favorite place is still somewhere attached to me, and that is fine with me. He is alright to have around or on or anywhere really.

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Dont mind the hair, it has needed a cut for…for…more than 5 months. But who can spare money for that! What? Those books in the background were gifts! Gifts I tell ya.

And we planted some things in the garden today. Almost looked professional with our compost and cow manure. Well, Little B did for sure, with her gloves and gumboots. She is growing that one too. Now she wants to learn to read and is working on her letter writing. All by herself. I wonder if a child is never scarred by the school institution, she will actually be much more self directed in her learning? Learning itself will not take on any negative connotations?

I have two huge posts waiting to be finished. I wonder when I will actually do that ;)

And I need to excercise. All this baking may have gotten me out of scraping poo, but my butt is jiggling with jolly too. I believe its grinning like a bitten off cookie and has its texture too.


P.S. Hey! That rhymes!

All this baking
freed me from scraping poo
my butt,
in all its glory is jiggling with jolly too.
It grins
I know it it does
like a bitten off cookie
and sadly, it has it texture too.
Oh, strength overcome me
Its time
Its time to end the madness
of this baking coup.