Putting them to work

Putting them to work

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She has been pestering me to strap her brother to her back for awhile. I had nothing against it, but just didnt feel like it. Lazy again, I guess. But I crumbled under pressure and she got her wish. You should have seen the grin on her face! All proud walking around the house and patting him on his head by reaching back.

I am not one of those moms that feels asking the older kids to help with the younger ones is a mortal sin. No siree. We are a family and we help each other – try to make each others lives better. I feel its important for kids to contribute to the work in the house, as that makes them appreciate it and see their value and involvement in the family unit.  And they do want to help. There is definitely an eagerness to be involved in what Mr.Blab and I do. Its not always what we want them to do, but hey, nothing is perfect.

But this, this was just simple sisterly love.

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She has been watching him hanging on my back for awhile now, seeing how much he enjoys it and quiets down. She has enjoyed watching his squished face while he sleeps there. She most likely just wanted to give that to him too. To be the provider, the nurturer, role that is ingrained in us.

So after I wrapped him on her, she spent the next hour walking around trying to put him to sleep. That was her goal. I offered to take him off when she seemed to be getting tired, but she refused. She kept on pacing and pacing until he did. After his initial surprise and spending the time looking around and singing, he fell asleep and his head flopped to the side in complete comfort. His sister was so proud of herself, even though by now she was feeling his weight and was more than ready to sit down and have a break. I sat her down in the living room with a few pillows and she patiently waited for him to wake up.

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