The real girls

The real girls

Caramel Popcorn, aka First Son may seem like the only child around here, but he is the last of three. I avoid exposing the girls too much, as I have always been a bit weary of the Internet, not because they play a second fiddle to the new addition to our family.

Ms. Fab is the original. The first subjected to our amateur parenting skills. The one that we had to experiment on and learn from. I think all the first children end up in that role, unless the parents have a good grasp of what it takes to raise a child.

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She seems to have survived it all and is growing up into a little person that brings us lots of joy and pride. She has a wicked sense of humor that floors us often. I dont know where she gets that from. She has always been very emotionally intelligent and perceptive. She is also our drama queen and an absolutely insanely loving and caring sister. Responsible and dependable, yet spirited and creative. She can dig into the recycling box and pull stuff out and come up with some invention in a jiffy.

Then in the other corner we have Little B. She is the wild fire that you cant quite contain or grasp. Contrary to her sister, she cannot be bogged down by details, nor is she interested or needs to take things too deep and stew on them. Her bouts of spirited objections last only a split moment and are gone, and forgotten. A dancer, that amazes us with her free movements and expressive faces. She was coming up with songs of her own when she was barely 3 years old. We could give her a theme and she is off, humming and singing.

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And they adore each other and I think that is the part that really brings smiles to our faces. Its often when Mr.Blab and I share a look of knowing glee, while listening to them laughing around the house. We have done something right. I hope we dont screw it up from here on.