9 + 10 months together

9 + 10 months together

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Yep, it has been that long. My daughter son is inching closer and closer to that illusive year. Since I have thoroughly enjoyed his presence, the time has slipped through my fingers and passed into the realm of our family history like a slippery wet cat.

Mama’s Boy. He definitely is one of those. The eyes he gives me, the love he channels towards me is breath taking. There is really nothing like it. Nothing. I have no desire to train him into an ‘independent’ cot sleeping creature. He is still very much part of me and what we have, that connection that will never be broken is pure bliss.  Yes, it gets to me sometimes when he insists on my attention when I am in the midst of something that needs to be done. Yes, the nights when he wakes me often for hugs can be tiring. But it doesnt last for long. He gives me one of those

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…and my knees melt and my heart sings and he ends up being kissed and breathed in til he cant stand it anymore.

And he kisses me, which has put the topper on it all. I get multitude of open mouth slobbery smooches throughout the day and you may be strong and able to resist it all, but I am not. I am sold all the way through. I am his and he has me and thats that.

P.S. “Slippery wet cat?! You have got some experience with that?” – Mr.Blab exclaimed. He is not refined at all and makes fun of my wonderful literary style. But in reality he is just jealous, jealous that Caramel Popcorn only has eyes for me. And that is really that.