Grass, sun and Mesopotamia

Grass, sun and Mesopotamia

Lets see if I can dig a picture out of the pile…

Here you go.

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Ok, its old, but thats all I have at the moment. I havent flipped through the recent additions and am too busy finishing the books to do it. Maybe not too busy, but certainly too lazy.

It has been raining crazy here. Its good though, the yard is looking so lush and green, Mr.Blab will have to dust off the mower and get to work. See those bold patches and measly grass? None of that. I kicked the girls out today out in the sun. I do that. Quite often. I just say “Out!” and they run like scared rabbits. Or at least that is how I fantasize about it. But I am a firm believer in the sun, the importance of it for a healthy system, so yes, when its nice out the kids (and us if possible) try to spend more time basking in it.

Hey, I have another picture… wait…

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It was meant to be for a whole homeschooling update post, but as its not happening, it will fit in here, part of the sun is good, kick the kids out post. Doing maths on the rug and eating apple. I believe I was lying next to her with Caramel Popcorn sleeping next to me. Little B, jumping around, making a mess of herself and swinging on the tree. I wish I spent more of my childhood doing that myself. School was such a stressful part of it. Pressure cooker really. Had to do good, be the best. Blah.

Yesterday, Ms.Fab was doing her little paper on Mesopotamia. She found some stuff off Wikipedia and copied it on paper. Not, not, lovely little girl. Not like that. I told her to be free, to make it fun, to read something and whatever seems interesting to put it somehow down on paper. I dont care in what shape or form. Anything. That took off the sooky face off her and she printed some cartoon Mesopotamians and cut them off, then drew speech bubbles on them and they talked about which one is cooler with their jewelery and slaves and such. Now we are talking. I dont care about remembering facts and dates. I want her to be able to enjoy learning. I hope it happens, as she still needs a lot of unschooling.

And we cleaned the carpets today. They needed it. As for the rest of the house… oh, is that the time?! Sorry, gotta go.