I dream of…

I dream of…

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We got this cute little memory book from grandma today. Its from 1965 and looks like it was printed in Japan. Its basically a few envelopes that are bound together, each representing a year from school. The parent can fill in some basic information about the year – school, teacher, age, height, weight and then stuff it full of report cards, photos, awards etc.

The last page has space to note dates of childhood illnesses and occurrences. Tonsillectomy and measles being part of the normal life of kids those days. Those pesky tonsils.

At the back of each envelope/year level, the child can fill in a few additional points. Things like friends, achievements…and dreams of course.

Like “When I grow up I want to be….”. This being such a gender related question (it is! dont smirk!)  has some handy suggestions for those stumped by it. Boys get:

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What self respecting boy doesnt want to be an fireman! How about fighting for your country? Yeah, baby. How about the old time American favorite – baseball player?!

Dreams are important. Goals push us, make us who we are, you see. Something to aim for, look forward to.

So, if boys get to wish for stepping on the moon as astronauts, then what do girls get? I was hoping you would ask…

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Who dreams of being a secretary!

No, really?

Model…Airline hostess? All dream worthy stuff. Fitting for the woman of the future. Needless to say, Mr.Blab and I had a good chuckle over that one. Its so stereotypical and dumbing of women though, we probably should have refrained.

Thanks Grandma! We loved it