Getting older

Getting older

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Not me. I am old enough. Ms Fab went all grown up on us and grew a whole year wiser.

She wanted a simple sleep over party with just a few friends. And this is all fine by us. Big crazy kid parties are hard to deal with, but they are more like taking off  a bandaid, quick and painful, but over in a sec. Sleep overs are the opposite, long and mellow.

I decided to do a bit more of a proper cake decorating this year. They get a special cake from me every year, but I thought it might be time to actually see what is a person supposed to do with this cake business. To do it properly you need a whole pile of sugar and hydrogenated oils. Oh, and another pile of colours. Eewuuu. Yuck.

So I settled for a few nozzles and Ms.Fab’s favorite color – blue. This is all fine and dandy, but when I got to the baking, the stupid cake didnt rise. It didnt rise at all. I had a decision to make and I started making a new one. It all took way to long, but I was done by 3:30am. And now she had a lunch cake (presented above) and a proper cake.

The day was here. Mr.Blab did his sophisticated balloon decoration. Its a staple of his. This is where you will find him on any of the kids party days – with a balloon and sticky tape in hand.

Opening of presents, a very important part of the process.

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Dinner order: pizza

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Balloon play, a hit. So long, carefully stuck on balloons by Mr.Blab.

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And of course, cake.

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I was pretty good with the flowers, huh? Its my first time.
I even got the shells shape on the bottom kind of happening.

The frosting was not smooth, but thats what you get for wanting soft natural one.

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When they retired to the bedroom, they played…

book reading race…yeah…they raced who will read 4 chapters quicker. Who are these girls?

For breakfast is the usual special event treat – french crepes.

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Then they played in the cold mud outside. Brrrr..

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And brought heaps of dirt inside. Like, heaps of it. I barely saved the ceiling from it.

The celebrations were a success.

The non rising cake ended up in the bin eventually, it just couldnt stand next to the  proper one.

And that one was…yummmmmo!

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