There, there, good snake

There, there, good snake

I am definitely not a snake lover. There is no doubt about it. If you ask me whether they should be all evaporated somehow (yes, snake genocide), my primal brain will say – Why do you even ask! Unfortunately my other brain will slap that other brain with its slimy brain hand and will lecture it about how they are part of the whole eco system and without them a whole big mess will come about and there will be heaps of rats and other unpleasant small creatures running about..and well all sorts of other yawn inducing kind of  facts of life, none of which change my dislike and deep gutted fear of the creatures.

So, we took the kids to a reptile centre. I did not take  photos of all the snakes there. No. They might breed in my camera and start to slither out and bite me in the eye or go in my nose or some other completely plausible scenario. I dont put myself in this kind of risk situation.

But here is a lovely cuddly wombat:

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They are a perfect huggable proportion – an extra overweight middle sized dog.

Now, just pretend you are not hearing our embarassing whines in the background
“Oh, how cuuuuuute”, “Oh…look at it!”, “I just want to cuddle it”
“Ai, ai….oooooooh….cuuuute!”

She is bullied by her sister, who was sleeping soundly in their house, probably exhausted by all that bullying.

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Another local favorite and common road kill (makes lovely steaks too) is

The Roo:

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Lazy buggers. Here you can enjoy two types – red, the biggest,  and grey kangaroos.

And where would an Aussie (said Ozi, not Osi!) guide be without a lizard.
Not just a lizard, but the biggest in Australia, and we do have a good variety of them

The Perentie – average 2m long.

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And then.

Then the whole place woke up with a buzz and people were rushing around, going somewhere.
Billy! Billy, they mumbled.

I dont like being left behind, my ears perked up and we  find out that there is a snake to be touched.

Yeah, great idea, that is.

We hurry, so not to miss this splendid event. My feet go, but dont really want to.

And Billy is not just a snake, he is a boa constrictor, held by a jolly dude.

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He talked a bit, gave his standing orders of how this will all go and then placed Billy on the grass.
I encouraged the girls to go and touch.

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I went too.

And I touched. I did. And it was…*caugh* .. nice. The snake is so smooth and muscly.
Felt so different than I thought. It was good for me to do this, as I know my feelings towards the creatures are a bit out of control

Still, when looking at the various poisonous ones behind the glass,
I had goospumps and my flight responce was ready to rush my body out of there in a hurry.

Not everything was such a deep experience.
There was some good ole fashioned simple fun.

Like the bat that was flapping his penis about, with no shame.

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I just imagined him peeing on the kids. His aim would have been perfect.

And lastly, but most importantly.

The constipated lizard

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Muahahahaha! That was not caught mid movement. He was frozen like that, giving us enough time to laugh our butts off at his expense.

The kids loved it and got to play with some other kids there.

Ms.Fab found a buddy in the old dog that was cruising limping  around the place.

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She also updated her list of desired pets:
Owl, wombat and snake.

Not in this lifetime, my dear. I can only go that far on this journey.

Snakes and I dont mix. Period.