Dont laugh…I said dont laugh!…hehehehe

Dont laugh…I said dont laugh!…hehehehe

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This is Caramel Popcorn’s favorite sleeping furniture. He loves it. I believe the sofa doesnt mind either, but what do I know.

Mr. Blab decided to take some pictures because this time the little one is slid all the way down and looks like a little meat ball and is cute as a button.


Whas that? Whas that? Whas that?

I am not asleep!

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Its a skill babies have. That look of  “I am not sleeping…full of energy here..look at my big eyes and all”

Yes, I took control of the camera. And maybe, or maybe not…we had some fun with the wide angle…

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Can you hear the giggles in the background?

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I think we may have peed in our pants at this one.

He knew something cool was happening. He started clapping.

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Then tried to figure out what in the world are those people doing.
Whats all this screeching around.
“Are you smoking something in there mum?

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And you are not sharing?!

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He almost got eaten again.
This child has dodged the bullet many a times.
We do sit around discussing what will be the best way to consume him.
Sashimi – the conclusion.

That is the look of love I get constantly.

My M.B.

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Mama’s Boy, that is ;)