Driveway cake shop

Driveway cake shop

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Other than a few little hick ups, life is good here. Lots of baking. Its not something I do often, just because it involves a lot of carbohydrates and they are not something I want to indulge in. But, I found a recipe for these wonderful dinner rolls and they had been a staple around here for the last few days. That, and soup. Its winter after all. Brrr..cold.

Ok, so those of you with actual four seasons might laugh and scratch your heads, but for us its winter. Period.  Never mind the t-shirts, during the night I am walking around with a blanket wrapped around me, like a ghost. I probably need a nice cozy top, but the blanket works good for now.

I had a choice of a few topics for a post, but settled on today’s activities. The girls created a cake shop on the driveway. They dug through the dirt and made the cake shapes, then decorated them. I had to pay a whole half lili-pilli leaf for one and a slice off of the octopus cake cost me 3 leaves! Extortion.

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The dude had some fun of his own.

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Using the driveway was quite a challenge, but we managed to get out and into the garage without getting into trouble with the newly established bakery.

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And this one, this one is 9 months already!

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