A confession and a question


Well. Yeah…it has been interesting few days. Right. Oh…shunks! Its not going very well. My withdrawal that is. I have been reading more the last few nights…It will be harder than I thought. But. But. Its cold and miserable during the nights and its so comfy to sit here with my blanket and just read. But. Oh, who am I kidding, I am so junked up and beyond repair without a good intervention. I must try harder.

Giving up addictions is not easy. I have done it though. Smoking was a big one. That took some will. Cola was another – I used to drink copious quantities of the stuff in my early youth. How I survived on cigarettes and cola, only..nobody knows. Water took some time to get used to. Then I gave up carbohydrates for almost a year. THAT was hard. Holy cow. Maybe harder than cigarettes.
So, I am not one that lacks will. It just needs to click.
What else? It has been raining today. Cold. Very suitable for cuddling Caramel Popcorn (another Mr.Blab nickname for the little one).

Well, thats it. Oh! The question!

I found poll daddy last night, while enjoying my addiction. So I will see if it can be handy.

Multiple answers allowed, so go for it.

*preferred answer