Schools, creativity and facts

I was apprehesive before we went on with our school free adventure, I admit. It was not as easy as snap your fingers and voila, you are free from the ingrained doctrine of the importance of school and academic performance. One is simply lost without it, its absolutely necessary for a successful life, right..right?! Half year down the track, I can say it seems like such an easy decision. And the difference in my daughter is more than obvious.

Here are a few things for your perusal and food for thought:

What is an Educated Person?

“”Is it the skills you have or just the stuff you know?” Mr Torres said. “Are you an expert because of nouns or verbs, because of the stuff or the purpose of the stuff?”

It’s a question that almost started a fight when Mr Torres put it to a room of Harvard professors; but he argues a radical shift in society’s perception of what constitutes an expert epitomises the challenge ahead of schools. “We realise if you are an expert because you have a large amount of stuff in your head,” he said, “it doesn’t add much value if you don’t do anything with that stuff. That’s a fundamental shift from what traditionally would have been perceived as an educated person.”
Marco Torres busts myth that education means a head full of facts

Do schools kill creativity?