When the skip bin came in

When the skip bin came in


If you visit this blog for the pictures, then you will be a happy camper today. There are a few snaps in this entry…unless I change my mind as I go.

So, we have a few spots in our yard that have been in need of attention for awhile. A measly lone bin doesnt cut it, we needed a big gun. We ordered a skip bin. And it arrived this weekend. This meant lots of work and all of it outside. Yahoo.

I strapped the little one on my back and went for it. Raking leaves, more leaves…hey, even more leaves. You have got to be kidding me – more leaves. Maybe I shouldnt have been so surprised, there are a few big trees that are preparing for winter, so all that greenery that used to make  nice shade is now yellow brownery that is covering the ground. So raking I did.

Then I grabbed the big snippy thing, the big scissor thing, the big garden scissor thing and went for it. It was bushes, it was ivies, it was mess that I knew nothing about…it was nuts. But I cleaned it. I pruned it. I chopped it. I made it all neat. Yeah, thats what I did.

Then I tackled the front pavers and stairs that had soil all overflowing from the flower beds. So much so that … no, wait a minute, first I did this:






I took some random pictures. Not of flowers, cause that is quite boring, unless one comes up with something extraordinary and thats is hard in 2 minutes. Plus I am cool and wear black.

Then! Only then did I tackle the front pavers with overflown soil and plants growing on top of that. Not pretty. Mrs Fab and I dug and sweeped and pulled and cleaned until I had no more. I just had no more muscles left. My hands started shaking and not listening to me. I am getting old or something, but most likely I just need to move more instead of shocking my system like that out of the blue.

At this time, Mr.Blab was being very helpful. Yes, thats what you think. But he was busy with serious business. He was watching the basketball finals, you see. Serious stuff. And if that was not bad enough…he actually knew the result already. Dont stare at me like that, I didnt do nothing (double negative intended).

He did his portion the next day, dont worry. And he picked up all the leaves I racked. And we racked a lot. And sweeped. And racked.


She is a good helper. So eager.

Her sister on the other hand is not so good of a helper.
She prefers to poke fruit on a stick


She will do something here and there, but spent most of her time cutting leaves with scissors.

Play happened, just out of nowhere.


And now to the mystery. Last year one of our plants flowered. But flowered with this big long fat thingy magigy that went up to the sky. Then the whole thing started to die off and got all yucky. This year another one of them is doing the same. And obviously we have no green thumb, cause we have no clue what to do with it. I am thinking we should have cut it before it got all huge and scary, but Mr.Blab is not sure.

So, anyone out there that has any clue?


Thats it. Our weekend was full of manual labor and sweat. And did it felt good! Nothing like it.

We feel accomplished.