Peeking Duck

Peeking Duck


I am doing well. Yesterday I went over my one hour, but…but…I just had things to do. I did make some productive steps in the evening though. I replied to a bunch of emails I had to. I tied a few lose ends. It was an improvement. Today has been good too. I have about 15 min left, so I am in a hurry.

This duck suit has been in our family for a few years now. Little B was the first to wear it a few years ago and now it has been sitting, waiting for me to pull my head out and take some pictures. Today was the day. I whipped it out and with horror saw that it was a 3-6 months size. The audience started to laugh. “Its gonna fit, I dont care!” I said with conviction. It seemed stretchy and all. And it did. And it was entirely too cute.

The camera just flew into my hand, after I squeezed him for half an hour, that is.


See the teeth. Huh? Well he was the tooth master in his baby club, until..
..until a new member chick beat him. The injustice of it all.

He is a thinker. A genius if I may suggest.


The duck suit doesnt really contribute to his intelligence aura, but..


And he of course got cranky at a point.


At first a leg of a doll did the trick.


But not long after, he got what he wanted.
MB…MB is what Mr.Blab calls him!
Mama’s Boy, he says.
I dont get it.
I dont get it at all


And Peeking Duck, is another name he came up with today.
Cause we were discussing how to eat Baby Blab, cause he is so cute and all.

We just kept him in the suit most of the day, for our own pleasure and enjoyment.
And he just added the kissy face for the complete K.O.


I just want to absorb him into me.

I had plans to put him to sleep on the bed and then take some absolutely insanely adorable pictures of him sleeping. But when he nodded off next to me, all delicious in his duck suit, I chose to just enjoy it selfishly and nodded off as  well. With him tucked in with me, under the cat pink blanket.