In need of withdrawal

In need of withdrawal

I am addicted. There, I said it. I am addicted to the Internet. I love it. I love the possibilities, the overwhealming quantity and depth of information you can find, the ease of access, the diversity, the availability. I am known to watch the news and pick up on something I dont really know/understand and then spend the night reading about it. I will not even go into all the wierd things I have dived into and all the various information I have filled my poor head with.

Dont get me wrong. I enjoy this. I derive a lot of pleasure from all of this and that is why I keep on doing it. Over and over…and over…and over. I spend my nights here, reading. For example last night, after cutting a set of lovely old victorial style paper dolls sent by Grandma from the States, I was curious (and this is how it starts) and went on a little exploration on paper dolls when the kids were down. And there went a few hours. And it was fascinating. It also reminded me of my childhood – I had very few “toys”, but a friend and I built this whole place out of paper and cut up people from magazines and used them as paper dolls.

Its all good and dandy. What is the problem, you say? The problem is that not much else is happening once I plop on the computer. My night slides away before I know it and I have nothing to show for it, but a few odd ball bits of knowledge. And I have known this for awhile and still do it. It has become an addiction that  I have little control over. So the answer is withdrawal.

I cannot stay away completely, as I keep a few very important social connections online. I also have to work on some websites and things. I have decided to limit my online time to 1 hour a day. This should be ok, but it brings forward my indecisiveness in regards to this blog.

I have been thinking for months now what to do with this place. I need to either drop it or to grow it. Its in no man’s land at the moment. Its happening, but not really. I had plans to bribe you all with something crafty, so you give me some feedback about what you think could change, what subjects you enjoy the most and so forth, but since my nights are taken over by my addiction, the crafty thing never got done. The questions never got asked. The place never got changed.

I am still not sure. Maybe when I am enjoying all this free time and doing all the awaiting me projects, I can write about that and everything will be happy dandy googly moogly. Or something. Maybe not.

Yes, I am mumbling. I am getting anxious at the thought of locking my free range Internet explorations. It will be alright. No, I am not nibbling on my finger nails. No, I am not. It will all be just fine. Just fine.

Just fine.


P.S. If you want to see some of the interesting paper dolls I found last night and I guess make my night a bit less wasted, check these out:
Paper Goodies – heaps of dolls. Most for purchase, but some free ones. Well worth a visit
Japanese Paper doll – a beautiful doll to print and assemble
Connie Frances Paper doll – seven pages of clothes and Connie Frances doll to print
Vintage children paper dolls – a few pages of beautiful dolls to print