I have had enough

Kids collect an incredible amount of useless junk. Its amazing how within the first few months of our first daughter’s life, she had just about as much stuff as we did. Well, maybe not in the same league as Mr.Blab, but certainly got me worried for my place. Forget about second and third children. The game is lost long before they arrive.

I cannot stand it. I tolerate it most of the time, but every once in awhile, just the sight of the piles of toys and trinkets awakens the beast in me and I grab a big garbage bag and go for it. The kids may jump in to save something here and there before the tsunami of me  goes through, but mostly they just sit and wait to see what will happen. Mr.Blab has been known to look through the before mentioned bag, but that is not met kindly by me. Why, you ask. You wonder why I am so unkind to him? Because the situation is caused mainly by him. I avoid buying this stuff. Yet he is constantly coming home from an outing with the kids with something that was “just 1/2/3/4/5 dollars” and puppy looking wide eyes. Like that makes any difference! Like the fact that it is low quality AND cheap makes a difference. Bless his heart, he means well. He loves the kiddies to bits and feels its mean not to get them this and that. Those grins on their faces make him weak in the knees and he loses his mind. Or the mind that I am trying to implant in his lovely big head.

I am a sucker good though, I rarely chuck that bag away, rather put it in the garage and inevitably the things find their way back in throughout the years.  And lately the situation has been killing me. The beast has been growling inside of me. And Mr.Blab has confidently come to the table again that we wont be buying cheap crap anymore, but few things that are well thought out and most of all, worth it.
So I asked the girls what they thought about choosing a few toys and putting the rest away. They thought the idea was fantastic! Yeah, you are seeing my open mouth and googly eyes. I expected some resistance, but there was none and today we started project freedom. We  filled two boxes and there were a bunch of discoveries, as who can be bothered to actually look through this stuff usually.
We couldnt finish today, but tomorrow we should be good to go. Then whenever they want to bring a toy from the garage in, they have to exchange it for one that is in the house already. They settled on 10 each.  I am looking forward to this. I can almost breathe.

Next…this office, but forget about Mr.Blab’s room. That is beyond me or any other human.

P.S. We are fine, thank you for the caring thoughts. The cold has left us, but the little one was sour the last few days. Last night I cuddled him from 8pm till the morning. I got to watch a bunch of TV, though, while we stole the couch in the evening. We need a bit of a breather. We should get out of the house this weekend to recharge. It has been a long week.