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I am a bit tired. Getting over a bit of a cold. My mouth hurts from two big dentist appointments in a few short days. Yeah…my eyes sting. So I come over to check the place and the stats graph is neener mooning me. Sitting there all funky with its sharp toothed mouth and is all “haha, visitors are down” and all “haha, no new comments, you sore mouthed crazy chick”, and all “haha, what do you expect, when you havent written anything”.

I was gonna punch it, but was too lazy to lift my hand up, and if you dont do that its kind of hard to do the whole punching movement. So I said “well, you are right, you stupid zig zag ugly line” and I clicked on New Post button to be productive and all. Which was good, cause it made the annoying graph of my failiure dissapear, but then I am faced with a new problem. Thinking.

Ok, the little man is saving me, calling me from the bedroom…See ya! Off to stick a boob in his mouth…