April 2005 – a somewhat plagiarized story

April 2005 – a somewhat plagiarized story


Ms. Fab – she may be a big sister now, twice, but she was once our little girl. Our first steps into the realm of parenting. She had to endure the wreth of our incompetence and experiments in order to reach the zone of comfort and at least temporary confidence in this area.

Our lives were much different back then. Mr.Blab was working like a horse and I was in the last year of University and Miss B was just born. She took to sisterdom quite easily and to this day is a big sister anyone would dream of. I do sometimes. I watch the two girls together and I wish I had that at any point in my life. I am one of those single, selfish only children. Also a latchkey kid, so maybe also quite resourseful, albeit with possible psychological issues ;) .

Today I stumbled upon a word document from back then. It was a story that she and I had fun with. I was trying to make her tell me one of her little blabs, but she was having trouble starting, other than the title, so I did. She then took over and finished – dictated while I typed (this is yet another good use of my touch typing skills – my whole family is quite jealous – see, I can do it without looking).

Note: at that time the daughter of friends of ours was diagnosed with eye cancer and had surgery to remove it. That might help you understand some of the bits in Ms.Fab’s story. Also we didnt have any pets at the time.

Me and Mickey at the Park

It was one of those days,
When things just go by in sort of a haze…

Ms.Fab, as her name happens to be,
Was busy playing with her friends
And running around like a busy bee.

Out of the blue…
A news came from a far,
from a land full of monkeys and crazy hassle,
that a special guest was gonna come for a visit
to Ms.Fab’s pink, sparkling full of jewels and what not castle.

The name of the guest was Sergeant Mickey,
a long standing friend of kids from near and far,
a little fly,
whispered in Ms.Fab’s eye.

Once there was me and Mickey at the park. We were playing at the swings and we loved the slide the best.
One day there was a little mouse she came along and she was looking for some cheese. I got some cheese in my pocket and I gave it to her. But then the little bear came by and he wanted some food too, that’s because they were all coming because they were so hungry.
And then we had a dog first it was at our new house and we lived at the beach. And this was our lucky day because we had a lot of fun. Our dog was named Bingo, he loved to play around and loved to catch the ball.
And little Sophia came by and she almost had her eye finished. That’s the last day now. We went to bed, goed home and went in our comfy little beds and in the morning we went to the park again because we wanted to see if her eye is going good and we trowed the ducks some bread.
And then…suddenly our cat Maisy appeared in our new house and that was very lucky because we had a new cat and a new gold fish. And we went back in our house and then we goed back to the beach and I started to swim in the water where no sharks bit me and no crabs.

It was a lucky day because we had a lot of fun at the beach. That is because we love the beach and love to live there. That was a lucky day because we had new things and new friends and new pets. This was a lucky, lucky, real lucky day. And we got back from the beach and had some sleep and then we watched Robin Hood when we woke up, Then Mommy came back from her gymnast and it wasn’t long because I missed mommy. I made her some surprise package.And we needed to go a bit downer…you need to press this button…ok, …. and then just go down now…..

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