Oh, noooooooo!

Oh, noooooooo!

See, its the Universe getting me back for that Michael Jordan post.

I am pretty much a socialist. Not in a crazed dictatorship kind of way, but in its basic ideology and intent. Capitalism is definitely not where I would like for the world to keep on going if I had any say on it.

This is not going to be a political post. I will write those too, but this one is not. It looks it, but this is all so you will get the horror of my mind games. There have been games my mind has been playing with me the last few days.

And the thing is, that I think my lovely, wonderful, caramel smelling four toothed first born son, looks like the leader of the conservatives in our State.  I see some similarities when I see the sleazy face of that man. A man I cannot stand.  A man that stands for just about everything I am against.

Oh, noooooo!

I hope it temporary and just a joke my mind is playing on me. Just say it. Say so and go on your marry way.


They look nothing alike, right?