Guess who came for tea!

Guess who came for tea!


Busy days,  these last few ones. Little bit here, little bit there and poooof the days fly by. Its good though, when things get done and can be sent into the past.

But you are sitting there, tapping your mouse, waiting to hear who it was, that drank the leaf drink in our house. I will give you a clue or two. He is famous. Yeah. The best in his game. An idol. A role model. There are shoes based on him…He is tall. Jumps with his tongue flapping about. Mr. Blab thinks he is the bees knees.

And yet, our old man was not impressed when he had some tea with the girls. A lovely tea, I may add. Even the neighbors were invited.


Oh, ok, I will spill the beans. Ta daaaa!

Michael Jordan was at our place!


Well, to be fair, he has been around somewhere (in a cardbox or such) for awhile,
but it was the other day that the girls dug him out invited him over.

Yet, for some reason Mr.Blab was crying. Not sure why I could hear him around the house, whining “Oh, Nooooo!”
Then a few minutes later again “Oh…aaaah…noooo”. And so on, every time he would pass the room of the action.


Maybe he was star struck. Yeah, thats it.

But Michael, notice the familiarity we developed, enjoyed himself. He served some tea himself. Talked about his favorite hairbrush, which he carried in a pretty little bag. Not sure why he needs it, since he is, well, bald, but who am I to ask such questions.


So, yeah…thats whats going on at our house.

Yeah, celebrities popping by for a chat and such. Nothing special.

Whats that honey?

Mr.Blab: Oh, nooooo!