Soup a la Mud

Soup a la Mud

It was just one of those days – idyllic, peaceful and good for the soul. The weather was even perfect. The girls decided to work on their culinary skills in the backyard to my delight, they have been spending too much time inside for my liking.

So they took some buckets and toys and went out exploring. As soon as I saw their creation “Mud Soup”, I was instantly proud that my cooking genes have not gone astray.

To achieve the perfect soup, you need to go on a search for ingredients…

Source pure water from the green wavy monster in the backyard, also known as ‘the hose’. Get approval for questionable ingredients and most of all – have heaps of fun.

In the spirit of outdoor living, I made some gooey cheesy sandwiches, which were served roughly cut on the wooden board along some cucumbers and tomatoes on our picnic blanket next to the cooking bonanza.

You know there is nothing better to eat that with, than with your fingers and full of mud fingernails?

Dont you? Well, now you do. Cheers!