Dear potential future boss – a quick story

When I finished my degree, the job prospects were not that great. Where we lived my speciality was not very sought after, so really, my hopes were pretty low.

Then we moved.

One day, about three years ago, I am flipping though the newspaper and as usual look for some vacancy that might be suitable for me and read something tasty. A position in one of the city’s best studios, with emphasis on my favorite area. Only one problem, they want at least two years experience. Shoot! I sulk a bit and wonder if there is a way to cheat. And forget about it for a few days.

Then I remember and pull my hair out to punish myself for being so inactive and not doing anything in order to even give myself a chance.

My hair grows back, quickly.

Then two weeks later – BAM! I see the ad again. Thats it. I need a plan. I pull some more hair in an attempt to reach a genious idea. I am good that way though, not with pulling hair out, although it would appear I am from what you have been reading so far, but I am good in hairy situations. I am not a panicker. I dont squeel and get that blank look on my face. My brain seems to just work. And it comes to me, the brilliant idea.

I write a lovely email and attach a CV and portfolio as requested, but in one pdf document. The trick I used is that I put my portfolio first to wow them, so hopefully by the time they read my CV and complete lack of experience, it wont matter. Cause they will just be wanting me so bad by this stage.

And I send it off and feel accomplished. So many times we dont shoot high, just because we think its impossible. But its good to even shoot blanks. Then you KNOW.

One hour later – RING RING -I get a phone call, from the director of the place! They want to have me over for an interview. My heart is racing, my eyes are popping and Mr.Blab is looking at me wondering whats going on. I try to be matter of factly on the phone, but as soon as its over I am jumping baby. I am squeeling and hopping about like a bunny on steroids.

So I go to the interview and spend 1.5 hours there with the two head honchos. Then I am off on my way with my huge portfolio and high heel shoes that I never really wear. Bye..bye…lovely to meet you in your fancy shiny office…tralala…what beautiful wood stairs…Oh! You designed them yourself?…how lovely… plop, plop my shoes on the wood…SPLAT! With folio and all at the bottom of the stairs. I pull myself together and reassure the man that I am fine and try to leave the place as quick as possible. Then trip on the outside step.

That is not how one wows people they want to  hire them for a job they are not quite prepared for. I hated the feeling of that being the last they heard of me. The memory in their head is of that poor girl that smashed down their beatiful stairs.

So I wrote a quick note:

“Hi (dear potential future boss),

I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and
reaffirm my interest in the job.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

(Snapping Blabber)

P.S. Despite my clumsy exit, I am quite capable walking up and down
stairs…most of the time, so I wouldn’t need any extra care to get to
and from work “