Cause I care about you

Cause I care about you


Curiosity is in our blood.
So, you are exploring the online world – looking places, clicking things, finding new people, reading, listening, meeting… Its a jungle out there. A wonderful jungle of new and exciting stuff. You are feeling the capabilities of the technology on your frisky finger tips.

While you are doing this, big business has figured out how to put your online adventures to use. They stalk you. They tag you and follow you, like freaky bad comb-over dudes with three quarter pants, twittering their fingers and laughing behind their big yellow teeth.

They plop cookies in your computer and then follow your moves, where you go, what you search for, forms you fill and so on. This information gets put together in a nice information package that is sold as needed, so other big companies can target their advertising especially for you. If you wondered why google ads on random pages seem freakishly suitable for you, then now you know why.

Privacy is not good for business.

But pressure has worked somewhat and now for those in the know, there is a way to make a step towards reclaiming your information and refusing to be followed by who knows who.

Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

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