A day

A day


Every few weeks we decide to visit our favorite second hand book shop. Its not just a visit, its an experience. We browse, we chat to the people there and flick through as many books as possible.

Its different. Its not like a fancy new shop or like our other favorite shop, which sells new books. This is like a little treasury. Its a place where you can find a hidden jewel. Most of the books have long been deemed not suitable for the commercial world and that is what makes them potentially fantastic. Plus the feel is different. The books have a history, they have been around, been places, had owners with their own story.

So we picked the big girl from gymnastics and settled into exploration.

Pull a box from under the book shelf and flip quietly:


Chat to the old funny lady about the cake decorating book:


We love it and never leave empty handed.

Next is some play after the hard work:


Yes, I was lying on the grass.

Yes, someone was playing with my belt.


Yes, I enjoyed it.

I got tired of holding the camera and he got tired of playing with my belt.
So, I gave him the camera to play with..

And he took a self portrait:


See the sky? Its clear and blue. It has been wonderful these days.

And things like that.
Just nice and simple, like that.