Quick night update from Day 2

Good morning!

I decided to quickly update you on last night, as I dont want to have too many things piled up to do.

So after I came back and threw the pictures in the computer to be ready for my blogging – how did people do this by hand I dont know! – I nursed my legs with some cold water and put them in some open sandals to enjoy the freedom of the night, as I was not planning to go far.

Chatted to the girls, who were being fed by Mr.Blab. Thank goodness they are at least getting their hands on some food, and it was not take out.

Then I was out.

Shinjuku at night is a feast of the senses. No, it is sensory overload in its definition. Its sounds, visuals and smells coming from various little eateries, that just mesmerize you. I am in love with the little places that fit no more than 10 people  for food. Most of them with a little bar that they sit and are being served right there. I didnt take any pictures of them yet, as they are in the little alleys and seem so private that I cant bring myself to disturb them with my prying camera. Maybe I will get the nerve some other time. I wont be a good journalist, I respect people’s privacy too much.

Anyway, I was in search of an ATM, as my cash was dangerously low. So I went beyond the tracks and back and I had given up hope. I thought the burger joint I saw last night might be it, cause it was at least cheap as cheaps, so I made my way there.

And again I was blown away at how similar everything looks to the advertising when you order it! This should be a rule everywhere, if the picture does not represent the product, you get fined some obscene amount of money. False advertising and the like. But here you can feel confident that your food will be as good as it looks on the plastic models or picture they have provided. I have not seen ugly food yet.

My lovely petite burger arrives in a cute little basket and tastes soooo good and fresh. The bun is soft, the lettuce and tomato crispy and juicy, the burger has not a hint of chewiness and the sauce is a perfect addition. The chips leave me no cause to complain either – no funny oil smell, no greasy feeling, just crisp and yummy.

I am happy.

Pass by the convenience store on my way back and spot an ATM.

Back at the hotel, I write the days story. Chat to Mr.Blab who had no cash for me in the account – stern look. But he remedied that straight away – soft loving look. A girl needs cash. He may not be used to it, but he better. I am a wild woman in Tokyo!

Now my coffee is done. Maps are ready and I am setting off for something different – parks and temples and a bit of old Tokyo. I hope the weather doesnt play a trick on me.

Thanks for reading and for your kind words. Its lovely to read and makes me feel connected.