About health, mooncalfs and the F word used once.

We take it for granted. Our health that is. We do.

I was at the mall today, as I had to buy some things. Dont get all scared on me, I will not take it out on you. This has nothing to do with my love for the mall.
So, I am there in the queue waiting for my turn to fork out the money and I engage in trolley watch. Its a fun game and makes the time pass much quicker. Plus, who doesnt like to peak into other people’s stuff? Where else can you find out what tampons that woman is using? Or that the hunky dude has a toddler AND a baby at home? Fungal issues? Touch of the dandruff? There are no secrets at the queue with your life all hanging on the criss crossed metal of the trolley ahead of you.
People are idiots [1. In modern English usage, the term  describes an extreme folly or stupidity].

A few minutes earlier I was getting a bottle of water from one of those fast foodie places and a woman arrives pushing a trolley. She had what looked like a big doona on her leg. It looked all soft and fluffy. So she walked all funny. She also had a catheter on her arm all taped up and there were tubes coming out of it. One of those was attached to some kind of equipment box that was hanging from her neck. The tapes that were holding the line were pulling her old wrinkly skin, her face was tired, but devout of emotion, as though she is just so used to it all. She stood next to me and paid for her coke (but diet!) and a sausage roll to “nourish” her poor body. Then slowly pushed her trolley, limping on that big soft foot.

Back to my queue.

When I see one of those trolleys filled with chips, chips, cereals, cordials, juices, chips, frozen meals, processed hopefully used to be meats, chips and a juice for a good measure I judge. I will not pretend I am oh, so mighty free of prejudices person. I am not. At the sight of that trolley, which is in most cases pushed by a fat owner, I judge. Out of all the food and choice in those mall groceries, you chose THAT? That is what you came up with?

People are shmucks [2. A clumsy or stupid person] .

All that crap goes in the body. That is what it is expected to use in order to sustain a system so complex we still havent figured out?
Ok, my dear body, here is some juice (water, color and fake flavor), some chips (used to be potato, salt, old cheap oil, fake flavor and some color maybe), some processed thing that is supposed to be meat (who the hell knows whats in that).. now go ahead and feed my brain, renew all the cells in my body, fight the constant assault of bacteria and viruses, make sure all those organs work properly and are fed the way they need to, k! Deal! Now fuck off.
People are fools [3. One who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding].

When we are sick, nothing else matters. If that pesky body of ours is not right, all else falls to the side and we realize how essential our health is. No amount of money, holidays, fancy houses, designer clothes could even come close to the importance of our health for our happiness. We would give it all up in a second for a working body.

90% of all ills can be avoided with regular exercise, healthy diet and regular exposure to sunlight. Thats it. Our bodies have gone through thousands of years of evolution. They are made to work. And they do amazingly well under the lack of nutrition and care they are given in our ‘developed’ societies. Imagine if one actually bothers with them and provides them with what they actually need.

This may seem like a vent, but its a motivational internal speech I have been lecturing myself for the last few months. I have slacked and feel not up to par with my self. Feel guilt in my own body, which seems in need of some one on one time.  My hair is a bit funny. My skin slightly drier. Energy is not that good. Not much, you will say, but its enough of a sign for me. I dont want to wait for the big stuff.

This is my own kick in the butt. I need it.

Do you?