From that other computer across the desk

From that other computer across the desk

The younger sisters get the left overs from the bigger ones. Its just natural, you see. You spend all those money for perfectly new clothes and if there is any thread left on them that is still usable, why not take advantage of it. Plus it saves a trip to the store.

Well, in our house Mr.Blabs gets my old electronics. Not sure how it happened. I was doing my studies and always seemed to need a better computer (as you do!) and he didnt seem to mind. So it was made into a silent rule – new and flashy=mine. It works good. Nah, nah, dont be running to him now and start asking pesky questions. He is busy. Very busy. And it has nothing to do with his slow computer, ok!

But lets move on to the fun bit. Since I am so smart and just plain genius, I set up our computers into a whats called a ‘n e t w o r k’! I know, I know, its complicated, but thats why I am here to just break it down for you, see. I am helpful, cant help it.
So, I can press a button on my computer ( which needs updating) and I can access my old files from his (used to be mine, get it) computer. Its magic. Not the kind with rabbits and naked ladies doing silly things with their hands, but kind of very deeply intelectual one…hummm…feel it?

So what can I access you ask? All sorts of things. I was busy, you see.

Here, a few examples of whats in the crappy old computer of the most wonderful man in the whole world.

Item Number One
A progression of my last, no second last pregnancy


I got big, didnt I?

Item Number Two

The result of a pumping session:


You are wondering – why the milkman’s boots did she take a picture of her milk? And by ‘her’ you would mean really ‘hers”, as in squeezed from her breasts, made to order, kind of milk.
Its was pride. It was glee. Those in the know will be nodding their heads at the sight of this result from ONE pumping session.
But wait, there is more – this is not my record! I have done better. I make milk like there is no tomorrow.
But this is all I have in the form of an evidence.


Item Number Three

Example of my first car:


Its sexey! I loved this car – The White Swan. Its not really a car as such, more like a motorbike under  fiberglass cover, but who cares. If you turned the heater, the  fumes would flow into the cabin, but who cares. In winter I used to drive with a plastic bag under my butt, cause otherwise the frozen seat would wet my already cold bum, but who cares. The muffler would disloge and fall and start thumbling on the ground causing terrible racket until I would go under and tie the metal wire around it until the next big hole, but who cares.
First cars are supposed to be like that. Its not about that anyway. Its about the freedom they gave us. If your first car was a boring new one, I am sorry. You missed out on a lot of excitement and funny memories. I sure didnt.

So this is a quick peak into the Odds folder of that other computer.