We should do this more often

We should do this more often


Its always nice to get over that lazy feeling and get out of the house and just roam and be. We never regret it and end up with the good old We should do this more often line and a pile of good intentions. We have improved a lot. Before we moved here, our outings were few and far in between. I guess our daily grind kind of minced us up so well, we had not much left over for fun. For life.

A lovely drive took us to the hills where we partook in the organic food festival. Festival is a bit of an overstatement though. You would imagine heaps of produce from variety of farms and so on. This was not like that. This was small. Very small.  A dozen stalls, mostly with produce form the host farm.


But the place was big and green and fun. And there was woodfired pizza, even though the wait time was 45min. But who is in a hurry? Not us. Our group of three families took refuge under one of the trees in the orchard and enjoyed some social chattering in anticipation for our lunch.

While we wait, you can enjoy the fashions presented before your eyes. Ms Fab was wearing her sophisticated soft woolen plait skirt and hand embroidered bag.


Skirt: $8     Bag: $1

And you could savor in some of little Miss B pattented hand acrobatics. I have no idea where this child gets this from, as soon as the camera is in view the hands get a mind of their own and go for it. There is no stopping them. This is a particularly fine example:


The pizza was worth it. The friendly dog that was watching us from the next row of trees, didnt jump on us and cause a scandal. Thank goodness cause that would have been embarassing. That or the offer of Mr.Blab to throw himself in front of our petrified girls to protect them of any incoming licks. Hold on, that was nice and actually caused a laugh in the group.  And then he got us some apple cakes with ice cream that were finger eating good (I know its ‘licking’, but I felt like changing it).

There was more and it was all good. The sun, the food, the company, the view – all good.