Who can come up with so many titles?! Especially when one is not sure what one is gonna talk about?

Who can come up with so many titles?! Especially when one is not sure what one is gonna talk about?

This blog used to be interesting. I spent a few late nights reading back and other than the horrid English, reading my own blabbing kept me up till later than I should have. And the trip was a blast to read, if I may say so myself. I had forgotten most of it already and it has been less than a year! Can you even imagine how much of our own lives we actually dont remember.

I wish I could keep a diary, well that sounds a bit duff, but a journal maybe. It aint gonna happen though. I have three books for the kids now, which get updated more and more rarely, as their numbers increase. If you have not done this, do it. I read through their journals and its like a balm for the soul. Its like I transport myself back in time and can relive it and almost touch it. We always think there is now way we will forget this and that, its all so amazing, but we do. Or at least I do and most definately Mr.Blab does (he barely knows who I am sometimes, I swear). The point is , its a good thing to do. I had planned to give the kids their books when they leave the nest, but the bigger they become and the less I remember the more I want to selfishly keep them. I imagine myself flipping through the pages when I am too old to mention and being able to feel the past years with something tangible, instead of wondering where it all went. The writings are all about them and what they did, but its about me too, in an indirect kind of way.

I cant start another thing, but I wish I could.

Anyway, I was reading and thinking, Gosh, I must be boring people to death with picture after picture of my DottMan (his latest nickname). I love him, so to me a pile of his images is like a pot of gold, but come on, your eyes must be bleeding by now.
Its the lazy way I have taken, since I have no shortage of his pictures, I just pick one and voila! I have a post. Its all fine and dandy, but I doubt I will be reading this latest posts in a few months with interest in a years time.
And since I am talking about memories, I dug into the computer mess that is my hard drive – and it is really not pretty – to find something from the past that is meaningful to me.

Around 2002, breastfeeding  my first daugther on the beach  on our visit to here, way before we moved over. Its is one of my favorite pictures. I am glad I asked Mr.Blab to take it (so dont give him any praise). He has gotten better, but way back then if I was in a picture you can be sure I asked him to press the button. Hold on, there were a few silly pictures of me in pyjamas brushing my teeth trying to hide from him and the camera, but that doesnt count, he was still trying to win me over.

Blabber out.