Yes, the teeth have arrived and the count is three so far with the forth one trying to catch up as well. You can just see number three peeking up there on the right.  No idea why he needs them, as he barely eats anything, but at least he is preparing. The girls got their first tooth a bit later, so this was a bit of a surprise.

Cant say I have ever experienced the dreadful “teething” nightmare with any of the kids. But like colic, I think it may just be used as a scapegoat for any grumpiness that may be around. Something along the lines of: the baby wants hugs and attention, something must be wrong with it – pick colic or teething.

I was reading a lovely birth story the other day and got quite melancolic about his. What an experience that was. I wished I could do it again. But since he wont be going back in in a hurry, I am celebrating teeth.


I knitted today. Havent done it in dozens of years (too many to care to count). Will have to take some pictures and share. Ms.Fab sparked the initiative and she is knitting too. I will count it towards her home learning under arts…or technology…yeah, technology it is.
Night, night!