The skill of sitting

The skill of sitting


It has been achieved!

It is cute. There is something very cute about seeing a little baby sitting. They look so much more likesmall people, not like blobs of juicy yummy fat rolling around on the floor.

He sits and look matter of factly. Twirling his toes or just trying to pull them off their ankles. A bit wobbly, but pretty good as a whole. Now he makes this clapping move, where he puts his hands together. No sound comes out, but he seems to think its a rather serious affair.

I need to make a proper shoot of this child. None of the pictures so far have been actually set up. Its all about what I can catch in our daily lives. I want to make one proper session with a few cute clothes and thought out lights and all. Its on a list that stays next to me on the wall. I hope it gets done.

For now you get what you get.