Dinner a la eight year old

Dinner a la eight year old


A few weeks ago we were browsing a book store and the girls chose a cooking book for kids as one of their purchases. The book got looked at and then found a suitable place in a pile somewhere…until two days ago.

Ms.Fab wanted to cook us something. She looked through, made her choice and a shopping list. Then we were off to purchase the needed items from the local store.


Ok, dont mine my outfit, but do notice the baby on Little B’s back. She was so proud and insisted to wear it to the store.

Loaded with goodies and after a short break at the park for a few crackers with cheese and carrot juice we purchased we arrived home and our chef went to work.


She cut all the things that needed cutting – mixed, measured and prepared the ingredients. All I did was just give her verbal hints as to how something should be done and basically rephrase the instructions in the book.

She also insisted on making us a salad and desert.

So, for dinner we got:

Ham cheese and capsicum rolls
Tomato, capsicum, olive and alfa alfa sprouts salad
Fruit kebabs


Its was all delicious!
I will be obsolete around here before I know it ;)