He is eating his poo!

He is eating his poo!


Meet from the top down, Charles, Sponge and Gabbie (aka Gabriella Chimi). Gabbie had to have her name chopped down, as the alternative was a bit long and Little B was ok with that change. She loves her songs, as any 4 year old I am sure.

The push for dog has been a constant in this house. And we do love the four legged buggers. The problem the grown ups in this house have with the idea is that we dont feel we will be good for a dog at this phase of our lives. They need attention, long walks and generally – care and time. With three kids already, we dont have much of those to spare and as much as the kids claim they will be the main carers of our imaginative dog, the guinea pig experience proved otherwise.

So fish it is.

The girls have been having fun with them and the excitement over feeding them has not stopped yet. Lets hope it sticks.