Softie for a sleepover

Softie for a sleepover


The other day, while Ms.Fab and I were at our favorite book store, I stumbled upon a book I have been eying for awhile – mostly electronically. In person though, I was having trouble resisting.

Softies – 22 friends for you to sew and knit


Its not the only toy craft book I have been protecting my wallet from, so I handed it to my daughter with a comment of something like “That looks interesting…”.

She looked through it and the sparkle in her eye told me the wallet is in trouble. “We can make one of those for my friend’s birthday!”

Money paid, case closed.

The fabrics were chosen by her and she took care of the face and name embroidery on the tail ribbon.


Finished off with a pack of pillow and blanket and a custom made wrapping paper.


Perfect fit for the sleep over birthday party.

I hope the girl is not disappointed we swayed away from the Barbie.