“MangoMama” – disclaimer

Quite a few years ago, probably about 8-9 or so, I stumbed upon a site run by a most crunchy, alternative woman – MangoMama. She had three kids, lived in Hawaii, gave birth unassisted at home, ate the most healthy organic foods, kids didnt go to school, but rather lived this blissful life on a sunny banana farm. She wrote articles upon articles on her way of life and why its so good and right.

Now, this is way back when, when I was taking my first steps in against the grain living. I devoured the information, but was not quite convinced, as I am always quite sceptical of anything that is too good to be true. I remember commenting to her once on the forums about the fact that her husband was never around, working so they can afford this life, and how I am not sure that is in the best interests of the children or themselves really. I am not sure what exactly she said, but I was put in my place quickly. I didnt stick around long, as the place was a bit cultish for me, but later on I found out that she eventually left the kids with her husband and ran away. The rumours are quite varied, but some say she went with another guy, had a nervous breakdown or even that she came to Australia.

Why am I digging this up now, you ask with a puzzling look on your face? Few comments from people around me made me think a bit and I wanted to put this out there – I am not a MangoMama, or at least the officially presented one, I am not perfect, nor some self sacrificing goddess of my home. This is important, because as much as I think its good to have something to inspire us, identities like that also serve as a knife in the hearts of many others, who have no way of achieving this falsely presented idyllic life.

I write about the nice things of my life, because I chose to delve into and remember those, not because they are the only things that are happening around me. Yes, we are living more and more the way we would like to and makes sense to us, but that does not mean immunity to issues or a Brady bunch kind of existence.

Is my life happy and nice? Most of the time, yes. Is it perfect? Hell, no. And what does that entail anyway? And who wants it? Not me, I like a bit of suspence and raised heartrate. I hear its good for health and it sure makes for a more interesting ride. No carousel for me.

P.S. No, I am not running away anywhere, unless its with my family in toe and a bank account stuffed with our hot off the press  lotto winnings.