Chips and Louis

Chips and Louis


It has been hot lately. Not too much, but just enough to leave me sweaty and tacky at the end of the day and to prevent one from doing much, if any physical work. Ok, the last part may be my personal comfortable excuse for not exercising since my can accident, but it doesnt mean that it wasnt hot.

On top of the whole self gradating void of active living I have stumbled upon, I had this unpleasant craving for a pile of chips. I bought a little cup at the cafe where Little B swims, but the pile of greasy smelly ex potatoes didnt quite do it.

So, I made my own. Cut up the pots, warmed the olive oil and fried the buggers. Sprinkle with freshly ground salt and pepper and enjoy. Or if you dont live on your own, share with loved ones (the small ones seem to eat them faster somehow, in opposition to their physical stature).

This almost did it, although the chips were not as crispy as I wished. For some reason they got out of the pan crunchy and then by the time they cooled a bit off they were softer. I need to perfect my chip making skills.

And the perfect accompaniment to a warm pile o chipos on a warm sunny afternoon?


What a wonderful world ;)