Our time in San Cristobal de las Casas has come to an end

Our time in San Cristobal de las Casas has come to an end


After almost 6 weeks, we finally gathered our wits about us and left San Cris behind.

San Cristobal de las Casas is not Cancun or any other flashy place you may think of when Mexico is mentioned. It is tucked amongst the hills of the southern part of the country in the green state of Chiapas. When I heard it is considered the lazy state, I knew it will be the place for me.

The town has a soul about it. Maybe it is all the indigenous women walking around in hairy skirts and colorful shirts, with their long braids bouncing next to the loads of textiles they carry around for sale. Maybe it is the lazy air about it, the numerous lovely, but unpretentious, cafes, wine bars and restaurants. The streets with tiny walkways that turn into rivers with every rain? The green hills, the hippies or the amazing houses that sprawl behind the unassuming street fronts?




The juicy mangos and tomatoes, vegetables and fresh garlic that decorated my windows (not for long)?




One of the best and most affordable coffees I have had the pleasure of tasting – toasted and ground on the day I buy?



The rustic touches that make places cozy, but approachable at the same time? The strange religious beliefs, the quick and cheap street food or the fresh flowers that decorate just about every place around?






The charm in it not taking itself too seriously or commercially? Yet?



Could it be the fact that laundry took a few days to dry because of the constant rains?



Which was of course annoying, but keeps everything green, green, green.



Or it could be again the people, oh those people, that get in my life and make it better. Like my Spanish teachers, with which I probably laughed more than I learned and after the 4 weeks we agreed on a new slogan for the school “No aprenderá, pero nos divertiremos!”, or “You will not learn, but we will have fun!”.


A bit of a lie, because my knowledge in Spanish now has put me even in more danger of getting in trouble, as I can now communicate. Watch out, Spanish speaking folk!

Could be that soul sister I found from the Czech Republic, with which I spent entirely too much time drinking $2 coffees, margaritas and mojitos for a woman with three kids at home.



All of it! Every single one of these and plenty of other things made this spot what it was, and forever it will be, for me.

San Cris is definitely one of those places that made its way into my heart. Why? I am not entirely sure, but that is how things in life work.