Comics as a precursor to genius ideas

Comics as a precursor to genius ideas

Ms.Fab has been comics crazy. Loves the things. So daddy has been fueling the interest with variety of books, the latest one has been Japanese, read back to front.

Its all nice and dandy, but I had wondered what good are the bloody things. Surely nothing good could come out of Simpsons drawings with  speech bubble conversations of one or two words (maybe a sentence here or there).

Skip forward a bit, to the other day. We were having lunch and started a game of “whos not gonna talk for the longest time”. Mr.Blab and Little B were out within minutes. Yes, Mr.Blab was out first, although he lost with the phrase “Thanks for a lovely lunch, mama”.  Maybe I should have given him a hug, instead of gloating voiceless in front of him?…

So, Ms.Fab and I were left pantomiming threatening gestures at each other, like fist slapping in the hand. She tried to call me on my mobile, in an attempt to get me to talk. Mr.Blab and I were impressed.

Next she writes down on a paper something like “You Win”. I write back “why?”. Then she blabs something about having made some noise in the kitchen before. I urge her to talk, since she is out of the game. She dodges the question and I accuse her of trying to trick me. She disappears  in the distance and comes back in a few minutes with the same story. I write “Talk if you lost”… we are giggling at this point and going back and forth and then she writes “Ok, I will!”

She pauses and then…

Reaches down and pulls this:


My mouth dropped to the floor and I started laughing with a mixture of surprise and pride. When I managed to gather myself together I waved the white flag and said:

“I cannot compete with this! You win”