My 4th birthday on the road – Mexico

My 4th birthday on the road – Mexico

When we started I never would have thought that we would last this long. Never in my deeply and wonderfully disturbed dreams did I see myself taking a picture of my freshly-minted 38 year old self in the mirror of a house in the mountains of Mexico.  Thankfully, sometimes reality is better than our dreams, because this is exactly what I did.

I used to think I looked my best first thing in the morning. I don’t anymore.

The best way to drawn one’s sorrows in Mexico? Fish tacos with cold beer. ¡Claro!



Later we visited the small English and, thankfully, used bookstore for some time of reading and later bargaining and reminding to the children that the car indeed, does not have unlimited space available. As it is, we are a moving library anyway.



My eldest daughter had researched some places and took us all to a spot for some afternoon drinks. They went with ice chocolates. I experimented with coffee with cardamom. I will not do it again ;)



I chose my “cake” from the french bakery my daughter, again, led me to. I will do that again.


No, seriously, that strawberry tart… I am getting another one tomorrow.

You may smirk and mumble under your nose “Yeah, well, no big deal. We have fruit tarts here too”. On that you will be right. There was little amazing in the celebration of my birthday. What was priceless was being here, marking a landmark on this journey, and what will always and forever be – having the World in our hands and feeling completely normal about it.

And the best part is, I have no clue where my next birthday might be.