Purple and 100

Purple and 100


My little girl had her birthday party the other day. I cannot believe how fast the time is going; and who knows when she became a big sister; and now there is a  spunky little boy sleeping in my bedroom… Its true, the world doesnt stop for me. Nor it asked me for some special permission, for that matter.

The theme was purple, for the party. She was toying with a few ideas, but purple it was. The problem arose though, when we discovered we had nothing purple around. A bunch of balloons, napkins, streamers, plate and a forgotten indian sari left over from big sister saved the day. And the fact that she only wanted to invite 5 friends over, saved my sanity. Since I insist the celebrations are held at home, the parties usually leave me wasted, mostly because the house needs to be put in order, I think.

Why at home, you ask this crazy lady? Because its personal. We have been to a few parties in different venues, and I cant for the life of me remember which kid’s birthday it was. They all end up the same, because, well, they are the same. So I make dribble cakes (when the frosting surprises me in the middle of the night) and I arrange sandwiches and I clean house and walk in a daze for a day, but happy mama heart beats exhausted in my chest.

100-th is the post I am writing. Yet another thing that happened without me knowing. I still remember those first few posts when I wondered if  I will ever  fill the first page. I even changed the number of posts in it down to five from ten, so it will happen faster. And if you have read all one hundred…I wanna know about you. I might just have to marry you.

Cheers! For the flying time and the ability to enjoy it while its whizzing by.