Plum Appreciation

Plum Appreciation


The other day when I went to the fresh fruit and veg place, I was met with a huge variety of plums. Not one or two, but nine. They took half a wall to accomodate.

So I am looking at them, trying to figure out which ones to buy and then I thought it will be great if we have some fun with it. I bought one of each and opened the Plum Appreciation experience, or something like that.


I obviously had to give more explanation to the girls and Mr.Blab about it, so here it is:

We cut them all up and taste and rate them one by one. I had taken pictures of their names in the store, so we had some actual information too.

The kids were excited. Ms.Fab started making her Plum Appreciation chart…


She drew and described every one of them. Even knew their names before we began the tasting.

Then she helped me make flags for the cut up plums and we were ready for action:


We savored and rated them one by one. Some were almost yuck, others had a sour skin and some were delicious.

The winner was….The Wickson Plum. Closely followed by the Kelsey, Stirling and a mistery one, that I forgot to take a picture of.

The chart and some information about plums went into a scrapbook. We had so much fun, we wanna do it again. Next…pear appreciation?