Moments in San Carlos

Moments in San Carlos


Mexico, country number fifty something.

After a surprisingly smooth border crossing/car importing, spending a night in a city in the middle of vast parched spaces covered in no less than gazillions of cacti, we found escape in San Carlos. Escape is the right word after days of driving through the parched lands on the US side, few questionable motels, one of which had the dirtiest carpet I have ever experienced, and just general blah-ness. The blue color of the Sea of Cortez kissing the white sands spread around us was enough to help us overlook the rather uninspiring reality of the place – a retirement escape for frozen Americans and Canadians.


A hotel right on the beach, away from the busy areas, super comfy beds, pool just outside of the balcony door, deal on the cost and an unseasonably warm weather forced us to stop and pamper for a few days.

We are people too ;)


Now, to the important bit.

I see, there are still enough of you sticking around while I am down on my writing. Humbling. I hope to one day be able to repay your quiet and unwavering support and belief in me. Not likely, but let’s be optimistic about it. So, here is the scoop – make sure you write down your email when you post a comment on this post and if one day I write a book, make a movie, become incredibly successful at something, I may very well not forget and repay you for not leaving me when I was a useless blogger. Deal?

On the other hand, the cushy life might just exhaust me completely…